Francesca Miranda's Veranique in BLACK & white

I adore this dress and it is available in white but the black with the white flowers really, really stood out to me.  For the right bride, this dress is absolutely, phenomenally, uniquely perfect!
To view more of her gorgeous designs please visit www.francescamiranda.com


Good Bridesmaid gifts make pretty pictures!

Pretty bridesmaid gifts (varied kimonos) that make pretty pictures!  The selfish yet still an AWESOME gift.  Available on etsy.


{Green} Wedding Favors

I am an animal-loving, tree hugging, wedding planner.  Weddings create a lot of "waste" and should I ever be lucky enough to have my own wedding, I will keep the environment in mind and use it as a an opportunity to remind/educate my friends & family. 
When it comes to wedding favors, I typically prefer the donation route telling guests about the charity that received.  Torch Illumination on etsy has created a soy candle where 10% of proceeds go towards environmental conservation and they look good doing it!

To order your custom, eco-friendly wedding favors please visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/Torchillumination?ref=seller_info


I hated bows until.....

Bows.  I pretty much hate them for any female over the age of 5.  That was until I found this cruising through the amazing Martha Stewart's Wedding website.  I LOVE. THIS. IDEA.  Nuff said.



So many things are about the bride.  It's ALL about the bride!  Here we have a little something cool for grooms too.  Check out this creative, feel-good manvite for your man's bachelor party by PaperandPomp on etsy:

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