Wedding Clutch

Traditionally, the bride pays for part of the expense she aks her bridesmaids to take on when accepting their invitation into her bridal party.  Whether it be the dress, hair & makeup, or jewelry is up to the bride. 

I really like the idea of buying each bridesmaid a clutch that goes with your wedding design and can even be used in place of flowers. If you go this route, you're a thoughtful bride, who has saved herself money on wedding flowers (that end up in the trash) while covering the expense of your bridal party's very unique gift.

So here is the overall look you're getting:

With flowers inside:

Sans flowers.

Here are some others I liked:

This is both neutral & classic.

These are fun & very modern.

If loving chevron was a crime I would be doing time in prison.  I can't get enough of it's striking simplicity.

But this little gem just might be my favorite.

Why not give them something special for standing by you on your day and through the years?


Something Blue

Every now and then as I'm working I come across a picture of something I love so much I have to blog it immediately.  This is one of those times.

This is a rhinestone & fabric wedding bouquet from florabond on etsy.com


The colors are to die for while the rustic glam appearance doesn't die without water!  You could have this framed in a keepsake box to keep somewhere in your home.


Our Love in Geography

I love this as a wedding gift.


Vest + Tie = Modern {CHIC}

My friend, Phil, is a man of many weddings.  Although he is always dressed very dapper when the occasion calls for it, his latest ensemble is blog worthy.

So here is Phil (left) and Ricky (right), also known as Shamus O'Toole and Bobby O'Shea, practicing "Blue Steel." 

Phil's tie is from Charles Tyrwitt and paired with his vest just makes him one of the best dressed guys at a wedding.

Photo courtesy my Lovey, Abby P.

Yep, Guys, it's that easy.  Cool tie + vest = best dressed.  Why not make that your groomsmen?


Drink Details

Why I love these drink charms by Handmade Affair on etsy.com:

1.  They're cute and you can get them as Mr. & Mrs.
2.  You'll use them on your wedding day and every time
you use them (watching a movie together with a glass of wine)
you'll remember your wedding day together.