Guest Book Art

Today I met with a bride and did a 3 hour "Wedding Planning {101}/Consultation" with her.  Her & her fiance are very Nashville urban chic and she loves the idea of incorporating the Nashville city skyline.


If you follow my blog you know I don't like guest books.  I really encourage all engaged couples to think of something unique they can have their guests sign that can be incorporated into the new couple's home. 

The idea I came up with for this bride was to print out the city skyline, color it black, and during the engagement shoot, have the photographer get a picture of just their hands (her's with her engagement ring and his holding the other side).  They'd have to stand about 15 feet in front of a brick wall. Then blow that picture up really big, have your guests sign in the bricks, frame it in glass, and make it a piece in their home. 

It's super cool artwork, modern, fun, and every day they can read the heartfelt messages from loves ones.

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