{DIY Brides} They're fabulous but it doesn't mean you have to be one.

With the increasing expenses in planning a wedding and all the blogs out there to show you just exactly how beautiful you're wedding "should" be, many brides have turned to DIY ideas & projects to create the ambiance while pinching pennies.  But here's the thing about DIY....it is time consuming.  Some brides love to craft but that doesn't mean you have to be one of them.

I've created a short checklist to help you decide if DIY is for you or if you're better off looking around on etsy to get that DIY feel without all the work.

1.  Do you like to cook?

If you answered yes, you are more apt to want to spend time using your hands and won't mind the massive mess & cleanup that comes with DIY wedding details.  If you answered no, you might love to eat but that doesn't mean you want to spend an hour preparing your meal and another 20 cleaning up the mess you made to create it.  The same will go for crafting tiny details.  Whether it's scraps of paper, glue, or some other kind of mess, it will be messy.

2.  Do you ever make gifts or cards for friends/family?

Be honest with yourself.  If you love your man so much you're going to marry him but have never made him a card, designed a funny t-shirt, or even hand written him a love letter, DIY crafting might not be for you.

3.  How much time do you have to spend on DIY?

DIY might save you money but it may cost you more.  You could hate what you've created and have to start all over.  You will end up spending time looking for the least expensive ways to make what you're creating as well as the time to craft them.  Check in with yourself and make sure you have the time to devote to these wedding projects.  As you know, planning itself is time consuming and the last thing you need to be stressing about is last minute tying ribbons or printing programs.

4.  Who will be in charge of my items?

You've spent a lot of thought, effort, and time on these beautiful little details now who, on the day of your wedding, is in charge of making sure your vision is incorporated in the day?  If you have a planner, perfect, but if not, you'll have to select a family member or friend to make sure your DIY details are the way you want them.  Make sure your comfortable putting someone to work!

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