Pets in Weddings - Canine Cuteness

I am the owner of CHIC, a wedding planning company based in Nashville, TN.  I am also a vegetarian and devoted animal lover.  

Once upon a time, all weddings were a formal affair.  Many modern weddings, however, have turned into a fun, personalized day to celebrate what makes each couple unique.  Today's post is about having your beloved pets in your wedding.  For many couples, their dogs are their first glimpse at parenthood together.  

Some may say it's over the top but whether you would or you wouldn't....there's no denying how cute it is.

Look at this little guy center stage and looking right at the camera.

I LOOOOOOVE french bulldogs and their little chubby ways.  

ADORABLE!  Lookin' dapper in his bow tie!


What's in a Chair?

The richness & elegance a ruffled chair cover can add to a wedding cannot be expressed in words.  Good thing this is a blog!  I can use pictures.  Even if your budget only permits one table (sweetheart?) it adds something very special.

taken from style me pretty


These are over the top and I LOVE it!



When My Baby Dreams by Adele Enerson

Although this is not wedding related, it's adorable, beyond creative, and as a former decorator specializing in children's rooms, I had to share.  This is a book by Adele Enerson.

Springtime Baby:

Baby had a little lamb:

Dryin' Baby:

Magical Daydream Baby:

Surfer Baby:

Fairytale Princess Baby:

You can see more by buying her book:

Blue & Green Vintage Wedding

I'm dreaming of Spring only because it brings Summer.  Here are some beautifully done Blue & Green Vintage Weddings.

Everything in this picture was probably considered "junk" to someone else.  Look at how well it works for a small, casual, vintage ambiance.

I love the old doors behind them, the blue glass in front, and the mismatch handkerchiefs under their plates. 


Fun bridesmaid dress for a vintage wedding.


Some VERY Cool {vintage} Paper Products

I can't get enough of vintage wedding invitations right now.  Best place for unique, customized paper products?  MyLadyDye on Etsy.com.  She's in Franklin, TN for those of you in the Nashville area and she doesn't stop at invitations.  She does seating charts, save the dates, and probably can customize any cool little ideas I've got in my head for YOUR wedding.

I adore hearts so this captured my attention immediately.

Typically, people don't like seating charts.  They'll LOVE this one.  Make it fun to tell your guests what to do.  No adult likes being told where to sit so make it pretty for them.

And if your guests are buying their drinks, let's make that cool too!


Valentine's Day Wedding

I LOVE Valentine's day.  I love the color pink and I adore hearts.  I get excited to see what little inexpensive Valentine's things I can buy and still use year round.  My favorite drinking cups are large white tumblers with clear hearts cut into them revealing my beverage.  Typically it's iced coffee.  I bought them at Target last year and I love them!  Here are some Valentines Wedding Ideas that I like.

Really liking the use of purple in these flowers.  It's unexpected and it works.

My heart literally started beating faster when I saw this.


REALLY?  God Bless the groom for letting her do all this.

Adorable vintage vibe.


Absolutely Beautiful.

I love this.

Cute Wedding Picture Ideas

How often does one hire a professional photographer to document one's life?  Not very often.  I would love to see more couples make the most of it by getting creative.  THESE are the kind of pictures you want hanging in your house.  Some examples I found online.

LOVE it.





The Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

I cannot for the life of me understand why this is not done at more weddings.  I think it's so chic having everyone wear a different dress. 





Enchanted Garden Wedding

I think my favorite story is "Alice in Wonderland."  I love so many of the lessons in that story as well as Wonderland itself.  I'm ready for Spring (already) so I've decided to post some inspiration behind an Enchanted Garden Wedding.


sans the waterfountain:


I love the roses and lights in this picture but I think a simpler cake or one with a variety of flowers would make for a better design.  Not crazy about the table overlay either.

This is truly an enchanted garden.  I think almost anyone would love to get married here.
This is an excellent example of how lighting can create an ambiance for an event.

I love the moss and the house....her dress and the door.  This reminds me of a  fairytale.


I would keep the blue up top (as the sky) but make the runner a dark green and chair covers to match.



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