Houston Station

Today I took a couple to look at Houston Station here in Nashville.  I loved the venue and think it includes a lot of great space for the price.  Here are some picks of the empty venue!
This is the room for the bride to get ready in.  I see the couch, the brick wall, and my mind jumps to awesome B&W shots.

Huge, loft-like open space.

There's a food truck available.  Doesn't get much cooler than that!


Best Friends

Remember building tents as a kid?  Doesn't falling in love make you feel like a kid? 
I cannot, do not say it enough!  You have hired a professional photographer for your engagement & wedding.  Make it count.  Make it meaningful.  Make it pretty.  Make it unique!
I love these two in the tent.  Can only imagine how romantic and fun it must have been.


Wedding Clutch

Traditionally, the bride pays for part of the expense she aks her bridesmaids to take on when accepting their invitation into her bridal party.  Whether it be the dress, hair & makeup, or jewelry is up to the bride. 

I really like the idea of buying each bridesmaid a clutch that goes with your wedding design and can even be used in place of flowers. If you go this route, you're a thoughtful bride, who has saved herself money on wedding flowers (that end up in the trash) while covering the expense of your bridal party's very unique gift.

So here is the overall look you're getting:

With flowers inside:

Sans flowers.

Here are some others I liked:

This is both neutral & classic.

These are fun & very modern.

If loving chevron was a crime I would be doing time in prison.  I can't get enough of it's striking simplicity.

But this little gem just might be my favorite.

Why not give them something special for standing by you on your day and through the years?


Something Blue

Every now and then as I'm working I come across a picture of something I love so much I have to blog it immediately.  This is one of those times.

This is a rhinestone & fabric wedding bouquet from florabond on etsy.com


The colors are to die for while the rustic glam appearance doesn't die without water!  You could have this framed in a keepsake box to keep somewhere in your home.


Our Love in Geography

I love this as a wedding gift.


Vest + Tie = Modern {CHIC}

My friend, Phil, is a man of many weddings.  Although he is always dressed very dapper when the occasion calls for it, his latest ensemble is blog worthy.

So here is Phil (left) and Ricky (right), also known as Shamus O'Toole and Bobby O'Shea, practicing "Blue Steel." 

Phil's tie is from Charles Tyrwitt and paired with his vest just makes him one of the best dressed guys at a wedding.

Photo courtesy my Lovey, Abby P.

Yep, Guys, it's that easy.  Cool tie + vest = best dressed.  Why not make that your groomsmen?


Drink Details

Why I love these drink charms by Handmade Affair on etsy.com:

1.  They're cute and you can get them as Mr. & Mrs.
2.  You'll use them on your wedding day and every time
you use them (watching a movie together with a glass of wine)
you'll remember your wedding day together.



The Tea Length Wedding Dress

I'm in love with the tea length wedding dress.  I think it's adorable and will show off your beautiful shoes.  What do you think?

From peppermintpretty on etsy.com

This one gives you the best of both worlds. Tea length in the front to show off your shoes and longer in the back.  Lots of little details and far from simple, it starts at $795

Extraordinary detail on this reasonably priced dress at $875

From WeddingDressFantasy on etsy.com

Also available in all white and priced at $395


Maybe it's not for you but you could put your bridesmaids in a tea length dress of your color choice.  They're so fun, summery, and feminine.

Kesha & Ramon {July 14, 2012}

Kesha & Ramon are getting married in two weeks!  Both their ceremony & reception will take place at TPAC's War Memorial Auditorium.  Below is a sneak peek at what it will look like.

Sketch by J Botanica:

{CHIC} is not a big fan of using napkins on tables as decoration.  That's what nice chairs are for!  The focus should always be the centerpiece so minus the red napkins, this is their look.

Sketch by Sweetface Cakes:

Kesha & Ramon are going with five tier octagon shaped cake with cascading roses & carnations.


Dessert Buffet Details

Right now photobooths are big at weddings.  Before that there was a cupcake fad as well as a candy buffet obsession.  Couples always ask me what the next big thing is going to be.  I think it's having a dessert buffet. 

The appeal in having a buffet is not only that it serves as decor but it allows your guests to sample some of your favorite sweets both baked goods and colorful candy alike.  It's also an activity if you go with fondue or make your own sundaes.

Below is a dessert buffet {CHIC} Weddings & Events designed and Silverbox Cake Designs baked up.

Mini lemon meringue pies.  They were delicious!!!

 "Springtime" oreo cookies from target.

Then there are these gorgeous Love Lacey Heart cookies from Bambella Cookies on etsy.com



Guest Book Art

Today I met with a bride and did a 3 hour "Wedding Planning {101}/Consultation" with her.  Her & her fiance are very Nashville urban chic and she loves the idea of incorporating the Nashville city skyline.


If you follow my blog you know I don't like guest books.  I really encourage all engaged couples to think of something unique they can have their guests sign that can be incorporated into the new couple's home. 

The idea I came up with for this bride was to print out the city skyline, color it black, and during the engagement shoot, have the photographer get a picture of just their hands (her's with her engagement ring and his holding the other side).  They'd have to stand about 15 feet in front of a brick wall. Then blow that picture up really big, have your guests sign in the bricks, frame it in glass, and make it a piece in their home. 

It's super cool artwork, modern, fun, and every day they can read the heartfelt messages from loves ones.


Spanish Inspired Wedding

A Romantic, Spanish Inspired Wedding!

This picture with the sun peaking out from the tree right above them, the door to the left, the bench (it is in Spain) is a once in a lifetime picture.

This Spanish inspired banner is a twist on the commonly used flag banner. 

Love the black lace and red flowers w/a tint of purple.

Perfect for a Spanish Inspired Wedding.

Look at his boutonniere, the flower in her hair, and I'd kill for those (real) eyelashes!

I love everything about this....the wood boxes, the floral choice, and the pop of red.  It's very Spanish with a modern twist.

No words needed.  Look at every. single. detail in this picture.  It's perfect.
The ruffled dress, the colors, the turquoise silk wrap.
"Mi Amore" is perfect.

Want to see more?  Check out our pinterest board for this Romantic Spanish Inspired Wedding: http://pinterest.com/chicweddings/romantic-spanish-inspired-wedding-ideas/


{DIY Brides} They're fabulous but it doesn't mean you have to be one.

With the increasing expenses in planning a wedding and all the blogs out there to show you just exactly how beautiful you're wedding "should" be, many brides have turned to DIY ideas & projects to create the ambiance while pinching pennies.  But here's the thing about DIY....it is time consuming.  Some brides love to craft but that doesn't mean you have to be one of them.

I've created a short checklist to help you decide if DIY is for you or if you're better off looking around on etsy to get that DIY feel without all the work.

1.  Do you like to cook?

If you answered yes, you are more apt to want to spend time using your hands and won't mind the massive mess & cleanup that comes with DIY wedding details.  If you answered no, you might love to eat but that doesn't mean you want to spend an hour preparing your meal and another 20 cleaning up the mess you made to create it.  The same will go for crafting tiny details.  Whether it's scraps of paper, glue, or some other kind of mess, it will be messy.

2.  Do you ever make gifts or cards for friends/family?

Be honest with yourself.  If you love your man so much you're going to marry him but have never made him a card, designed a funny t-shirt, or even hand written him a love letter, DIY crafting might not be for you.

3.  How much time do you have to spend on DIY?

DIY might save you money but it may cost you more.  You could hate what you've created and have to start all over.  You will end up spending time looking for the least expensive ways to make what you're creating as well as the time to craft them.  Check in with yourself and make sure you have the time to devote to these wedding projects.  As you know, planning itself is time consuming and the last thing you need to be stressing about is last minute tying ribbons or printing programs.

4.  Who will be in charge of my items?

You've spent a lot of thought, effort, and time on these beautiful little details now who, on the day of your wedding, is in charge of making sure your vision is incorporated in the day?  If you have a planner, perfect, but if not, you'll have to select a family member or friend to make sure your DIY details are the way you want them.  Make sure your comfortable putting someone to work!


{Easter Weekend Wedding Ideas}

Holidays are a great time for family & friends to get together and I love the idea of celebrating holidays with a wedding.  Here are some ways to turn Easter into the perfect wedding.

I'm an animal lover and these dogs are their kiddos so of course they should be in some shots!  Loving their Easter purple collars & flower/fluff.  P.S.  Look at the details of her dress (click any pic to enlarge). Absolutely gorgeous and somehow very Easter.


This is spring & vintage.  It's simple but pretty.

I love the birdcage centerpiece.  I have an entire entry on it and for springtime/Easter, it fits the ambiance.

Beautiful bouquet!

Oh, yes, I would dress my girls up like Easter eggs.  Probably very pretty for pictures.
I adore the detail of this cake.  It's art.



{Georgia & Blake} - Carnton Plantation

Elizabeth Glessner of Glessner Photography called me one afternoon with a vision she got from a dress she found online.  "Do you want to do a Jackie O. inspired shoot?"  Yesssssss.

I wanted something different for a color scheme and I found a picture of Jackie Kennedy in an apricot dress so I knew I wanted that color. 


I met with Mark of Tulip Tree because I can actually identify his flowers around town because of their quality. 

I bought these vases at TJ Maxx about 6 months ago and never knew what I would use them for but they worked for this shoot.  We wanted chic, vintage, and casual.

I used Paper Source wrapping paper as "placemats."  A basket in the table with the same paper cut into hearts can serve as little notecards for your guests to write their best marital advice or guest book messages.

I love this shot.

How awesome is this Bob Dylan LIFE magazine?

I used my roommate's vintage looking tablecloth.

While searching on etsy for awesome wedding invitations I discovered one of my favorite shops is local!!!  MyLadyDye is right in Franklin and I selected these invitations and the names Georgia & Blake.  Diane changed the colors to my preference.

MyLadyDye also has a really fun & creative collection of seating charts.  I used some vintage books and fresh flowers from Tulip Tree to make it fun.  Make bein' bossy (telling your guests where to sit) beautiful!

In the picture below we have a mirror from my bedroom, my friend Lauren's shoes, and my friend Jenny's dress form.  THIS is why I love DIY details in a wedding.  This picture is really pretty and it has a little bit of two of my favorite people & I.

Lauren has a phenomenal closet.  These are SO close to exactly what I envisioned and she had 'em!

I wish more of my couples would listen to me and do a dessert buffet!  It creates decor AND offers your guests more than one option.  Oreo cookies with yellow filling?  Matches the decor and who doesn't like oreos?

These mini lemon meringue pies are by Silver Box Cake Designs and if you think they look good, ohhhhhh my yumminess.  I wanted one and ate the ones that didn't fit on the plate.  Possibly 10.

I saw this painted brick wall and knew I wanted it behind the dessert buffet so I lugged my dresser down the hill and setup cake shoppe.  This beautiful cake is also by Silver Box Cake Designs.

My dresser is an antique white 3-drawer dresser painted white with lace handles.  Instead of using the original brass pulls, there's lace pulled through.  I can switch it with ribbons or pulles, etc.

"Yes, you really have to eat it."  They're models.  The guilt of my 10 never set in.  It's why I do behind the scenes stuff.

GORGEOUS!  Thank you, Tulip Tree!

I was obsessed with this tree.  My sister and I did a ridiculous amount of tree climbing as kids so I love using nice, big, fat ones in photos.

I grabbed this peach colored umbrella on my way out the door.  It's some vintage London brand and it worked!


So the models, Landy Kay & Ken Thompson were both awesome.  I, the girl from Boston, was freezing!
This shoot brought to you by:
Venue :: Carnton Plantation
Event Design :: CHIC Weddings and Events
Photography :: Glessner Photography
Floral Design :: The Tulip Tree
Stationery :: My Lady Dye
Cake Artist :: Silver Box Cake Designs
Hair+Makeup :: Ashley Rose Love
Pillbox Hat :: Fanny+June
Men's Wardrobe :: Street Tuxedo
Men's Sunglasses :: Warby Parker
Dress :: Rent the Runway
Shoes :: Coach
Rings :: Blue Nile
Models :: Ken Thompson + Landy Kay
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