Dessert Tables replacing the big CAKE

Some people like to stick with traditions and then there's me.  Although I find wedding cakes to be absolutely gorgeous I love the idea of having something for everyone.  Some people don't like cake.  I typically don't like frosting.  I think we'll start to see a trend in weddings that offer all kinds of desserts.

Think candy buffet but with all kinds of pastries.  Below is what I would offer for a Winter Wedding Dessert table.

First up: Canolli  (canollo is singular, canolli is more than one)


And yes, I'd offer variety amidst the variety with some dipped in chocolate, others with chocolate chips in the filling, and the traditional pistachio kissed.

Next up:  Ricotta Pie (this dessert is GLORIOUS on the tastebuds)....Mike's Pastry box in the background (North End, Boston) DELISH!

Coconut Macaroons:

These can also be dipped in chocolate.

I am loving that my favorite desserts are all perfect for Winter Weddings!  NEXT.....

Some might say it lacks a certain "class" but if the rest of it is done right and it's not the only thing you're offering, why not?  Boston Cream Donuts.  YES!

You could even sprinkle some snowflakes, etc on top.  These are made of heaven & chocolate.  Pic from http://www.halfthesugarbowl.com/.


PUDDING!!!  Chocolate AND Vanilla.

from Marthastewart.com

Cover some oreo cookies in chocolate and throw a snowflake on top or these red hearts (would work well with a Christmas Red & Green Wedding) or dip some in white chocolate:

Aaaaaaand this is a lot of dessert so before I go crazy I'd also add some smores & whoopie pies.  NOM NOM NOM

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