Why Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Most wedding planners have different packages you can work with and CHIC does everything a la carte which means you specifically select which areas you want a planner involved in. A Wedding Planner will end up saving you money, stress, and make sure the only hitch in your day is you & your fiance.

As a Wedding Planner who has worked with hundreds of vendors, I know who you want working your wedding and who you don't.  From broken glass bulbs, forgotten lighting,  and dj's backing out just days before the wedding to having to wait two months for your pictures, I have an insider's point of view on who is a trustworthy professional and who isn't.  Use my previous experience & knowledge of working with vendors to guide you towards a hassle-free day. 

Most vendors I've enjoyed working with have a mutual feeling so guess what that means?  They'll want your wedding and might be willing to discount if needed to meet your budget.  Other vendors just automatically give planners a discount (usually 10%) that I always pass on to my couples for bringing them the business. 
Would you have your father, who is a doctor that once built you a treehouse, draw the blue prints to your new home? 

Then why would you have your cousin, who is an accountant that got married last year, in charge of your wedding day?  Your wedding is the biggest event of your entire life and something always goes wrong.  I'm not trying to scare you but it's simply the truth.  Timelines go askew, vendors get lost, tables are missing.....let someone who understands the timing & flow, the venue, and how to smooth the bumps be in charge.  Wedding planners are accustomed to last minute changes and will make the right decisions so that you & your guests don't even realize anything went wrong.

During my initial consultation, I ask my couples questions to better understand their vision.  One of the questions I ask is always, "what do you want your guests to remember most about your wedding?"  There are a variety of answers given but the number one is typically that they had fun and enjoyed themselves. 

A wedding planner understands the timing of the day unlike anyone else.  When I type out the timeline it includes increments of five minutes and what you think might be a ten minute moment truly takes a half hour.  With that said, it's important that you don't leave your guests hungry, sitting for too long, or confused about what's going on. 

Wedding planning should be FUN.  It can become overwhelming and stressful but with a planner, you can actually enjoy the planning experience.  It's like having a personal shopper who brings everything you've asked for to your home and you just sit back and make final decisions.

On the actual day of your wedding, you and your family (don't make poor Mom do everything....she may not show it but she's a bundle of nerves) should be guests at your wedding.  Do you really want to be getting your hair done and making phone calls to confirm your cake delivery?  And if you're worried about making sure the food is served on time, you'd have to cut that conversation with Grandpa short.  So if you want to be able to enjoy your wedding day & ensure your guests do to, think about having a planner present.

If you care about the look, the feel, the overall ambiance of your big day, you NEED to hire a professional event designer.  I have helped plan what feels like a million weddings, photo shoots, and other events and no matter how many magazines and blogs you look over, you'll never get the design experience a planner already has.  Event designers understand color, height, depth and how everything will impact the landscape.  Use their expertise to make YOUR vision come to life.

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