Winter/Christmas themed Wedding - The Gown

I'm all about comfort.  I rarely (if ever) wear something I'm uncomfortable in.  So when I see the wedding dresses with giant ruffles & depth during the Summer/Spring, I don't give them a second glance.  As Winter weather sets in, however, these gowns become an accessory to Winter/Christmas Wedding perfection. 
The dresses below are all from the Jasmine Bridal Couture collection.

I love this dress.  It's like a bad a$$ Ice Queen & an elegant Ballerina had a baby.  Obvi the perfect genetics for a wedding gown.

The sash on the dress below can be made in a deep red or hunter green for a Christmas Wedding.  This dress is far from simple yet formfitting.

 Because the bottom of this dress makes such a big impact and the top is simple, I would balance it by going big with neck bling.

A necklace like this from Oscar de la Renta is perfect:

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