Wedding Colors 2012


One of my favorite parts of wedding planning is playing with colors & design.  Every year there are "it" wedding colors and I'm starting early so I can prove CHIC's awesomeness.
First prediction: Mostly WHITE.  That is correct.  You know I don't do anything simple......that white will be blinged OUT with lights and pearls or crystals.  Mostly white (or all white) weddings are sophisticated, chic, and create a relaxing & romantic ambiance for your guests.  I think 2012 will bring a big wave of  weddings that use the color white as one of the main colors.

Here is an almost all white reception with touches of blue (my favorite color):


Below is a fun dessert table:


Here they've done all white with some pops of black on the dress & boquet so the flowers show up in pictures:

Some all white cakes:

from nicecakeworld.com


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