LOVE Vintage

Someone asked me if the dress I wore at the wedding I coordinated last night was vintage.  I was so proud!  Even though it totally wasn't and I was honest but VINTAGE!!! Very cute for an all white bridal party or even a wedding dress for a casual wedding.



Layer linens for a CHIC look.

I am taking a stand against runners on round tables.  They're overdone. 

I think runners should be used for long, rectangularish (it's my blog, I can make up words) tables only from this point on.  Let's think LAYERS!  It is Fall, after all, and just like we dress ourselves, let's decorate our wedding tables shall we?  CHIC shall!

This shows juuuuuust enough of the underlying color:


I wish this picture came up for my white wedding post but it works here too.....same color different texture.  LOVE it!

Most of us have seen this but I want to do a wedding that incorporates it...the sheer overlay with tiny details.  (BLING!)


You get the idea....I hope!  I can never seem to find exactly whats in my head.  I would love to see even three linens layered: a floor length linen, a sheer lace, and then just a table top overlay.  Something that gives real depth.


Pretty in Pink

Love this centerpiece from ruffledblog.com

Wedding Colors 2012


One of my favorite parts of wedding planning is playing with colors & design.  Every year there are "it" wedding colors and I'm starting early so I can prove CHIC's awesomeness.
First prediction: Mostly WHITE.  That is correct.  You know I don't do anything simple......that white will be blinged OUT with lights and pearls or crystals.  Mostly white (or all white) weddings are sophisticated, chic, and create a relaxing & romantic ambiance for your guests.  I think 2012 will bring a big wave of  weddings that use the color white as one of the main colors.

Here is an almost all white reception with touches of blue (my favorite color):


Below is a fun dessert table:


Here they've done all white with some pops of black on the dress & boquet so the flowers show up in pictures:

Some all white cakes:

from nicecakeworld.com


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