Tattoo Rings

I have two tattoos....some stars on my forearm and a little cursive blurb on my ribs.  I know exactly what I want for my third tattoo but I can't find anyone in Nashville to do my hand/fingers.  I almost settled for behind my ear or the back of my neck but I'm holding out.

I am a tattoo lover lover.  I love getting them, going with people to get them, drawing out what I'll get next, how black the ink looks the first few days, and I love the idea of getting something in the name of love.  I think there's something crazy romantic about it.  (Now to stomp on the charm - we all know they're removable anyway.)  Tattoos aren't for everyone....my Mother is a good example.  But for those of us who are into it....  
They kept it simple instead of going with names, initials, or letters.
from theoffbeatbride.com

This is a cute idea.

I love hearts.  They're super cute.  I have the i's on my tattoo dotted with them.

Below obviously isn't a ring but I like this idea too.


If you're not sold yet, here's a celebrity endorsement.  (This is legit probably from 4 years ago but I am unlike every other woman in the U.S. & I don't read gossip magazines so it's news to me.)


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