Tattoo Rings

I have two tattoos....some stars on my forearm and a little cursive blurb on my ribs.  I know exactly what I want for my third tattoo but I can't find anyone in Nashville to do my hand/fingers.  I almost settled for behind my ear or the back of my neck but I'm holding out.

I am a tattoo lover lover.  I love getting them, going with people to get them, drawing out what I'll get next, how black the ink looks the first few days, and I love the idea of getting something in the name of love.  I think there's something crazy romantic about it.  (Now to stomp on the charm - we all know they're removable anyway.)  Tattoos aren't for everyone....my Mother is a good example.  But for those of us who are into it....  
They kept it simple instead of going with names, initials, or letters.
from theoffbeatbride.com

This is a cute idea.

I love hearts.  They're super cute.  I have the i's on my tattoo dotted with them.

Below obviously isn't a ring but I like this idea too.


If you're not sold yet, here's a celebrity endorsement.  (This is legit probably from 4 years ago but I am unlike every other woman in the U.S. & I don't read gossip magazines so it's news to me.)



Whimsy Wedding Gowns

If you've read any one of my posts you can clearly see I am in love with the website www.etsy.com.  I love that buying from it supports creative individuals and the items are always more interesting than what you'd buy anywhere else for a lower price!  What isn't there to love?

Why it just occurred to me to look for wedding dresses on the site is beyond me but here are some gorgeous gowns and you will not believe the starting prices!!!  The best part...it's etsy.  Everything can be customized to your exact liking.

from etsy seller weddingdressfantasy:

The dress below is all handmade and comes with sleeves for different looks.  It's custom and only $750!

$500 for the dress below.....ummmmmm WHAT?!?!?


from etsy seller ieie:

Okay, it takes a lot for this to happen as I'm a HUGE bargain hunter.  I LOVE when my fashion designer roommate compliments me on something I'm wearing and I can tell her what I paid for it.  She's always impressed!

....I am FRAH-eek-ING OUT-TAH over this tea length dress.  I.  WANT.  THIS.  DRESS.  I'll wear it through the streets of Franklin as I antique.  It's only $399!!!!


ONLY $369

from etsy seller lovemckayla

Another tea length gown I savor for only $500.  I want this dress too!  I could probably get her to make it for me in another color and I'll wear it to weddings as my wedding planner/pretend ballerina dress.


this dress is from etsy seller dustyrosedesign for only $300

from etsy seller AvivaBeauty

As that little kid coming home from the dentist said..."is this for real?"  Starts at $189????

Why stop at dresses I say?  Onto accessories!!!  If you've read this blog before, you know I can't do a single outfit without bling & etsy sellers seems to agree.