Wedding in the Woods

I am sort of a walking oxymoron.  A moron at times but mostly an oxymoron.  I am a city girl at heart that adores nature. 

Nashville has the nature part but lacks the city living I have grown so accustomed to.  There isn't a Dunkin Donuts and Citizens Bank every block for me to run into.  In fact, there aren't city blocks at all!  There isn't a strip of 25 malls separated only by car dealerships and restaraunts, a quarter of a mile apart, along route 9.  NO subway.  Everyone drives but the traffic is still nothing compared to what I'd run into in Mass.  Although I miss the conveniences of city living and having all my friends live so close to nightlife (ABOVE L Street Tavern? - "How do you like them apples?"), there's nothing like the backdrop of nature.  Trading Sunday Fundays at Goodwill Hunting's (now famous) L Street Tavern is worth the small town vibe and quick drive to hiking in the woods.

My latest hike had me daydreaming about having a couple get married in the woods.  Although what I picture in mind is unavailable on google images, I've done my best to build a visual....

What is it?  Yes, it looks like a bunch of crap thrown together but I LOVES IT!

A closer look:

For flowers on the ground:

We're actually doing something similar for one of my upcoming weddings:

I absolutely LOVE this.  I'm a huge fan of having a keepsake from your wedding for your first home together.


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