LS Designs & The Painted Pig Unite

So I do weddings and children's rooms but my latest endeavor was Emma Grace's 3rd birthday party.  Emma Grace is all girl: she loves baby dolls, the color pink, and nice clothes.  I know...her parents have their hands full.  A 3 year old that already knows how to dress?  YES!

The party was pinkalicious.  Below are cupcake containers that the kids could use stickers to decorate:

There were also crowns and wands to make:

Other entertainment included a balloon guy, a pinata, and a castle bounce:

Here is the birthday girl and her Dad:

Go, Emma Grace!

And the kids grabbing for candy:

Corrupt picture:

At the end of the party the following people were on the bouncy bounce: myself, my roommate, Emma Grace's father, Emma Grace's Mom's cousin (age 26), and her boyfriend.....there is no age limit on fun in those things!

The food was pink:

Even the adult drinks were pink:

The guests came in pink:

Each little girl was given a tutu and set of wings (boys were given separate goodies):

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L.Caroline said...

SO cute and fun! Is it weird that I already look forward to having fun, themed, kids parties and we haven't even tied the knot yet?? Haha, don't tell Sean.

P.S. Maybe we should consider a castle bounce for the wedding??