St. Patty's Day Wedding

"May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies, and quick to make friends." - Irish Blessing

I am 50% pure Irish.  I am actually more Irish than I am Italian although my Papa's dominant Italian genes would never let you guess.  My Mom has red hair, green eyes, freckles and is half Shaughnessy and half Noone.

If you think it doesn't exist you clearly have no Irish friends: a St. Patrick's Day Wedding.  This one is for all you crazy red-heads (the Irish are all crazy redheads inside).

Bagpipes would be played for the ceremony and for me, there really is nothing like it.  Bagpipes play and I WILL cry.  Not sure if it's because of the number of Irish funerals I've been to or because I (will admit it) am a super-sensitive, emotional, little being. 

Onto a more joyous occasion....a St. Patty's Day Wedding!

Let us begin with fashion:

I wouldn't but you could:

I do love this look to add color:

I actually think my cousin may have had something similar on her big day:

For Him:

Real men wear kilts:

And have fun doing it:

To eat:

My personal favorite:

Ummmm.....I AM doing this.  I don't care what my colors, theme, or anything else is.

The bridal car:

Reception and other green details:


I love it:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wedding in the Woods

I am sort of a walking oxymoron.  A moron at times but mostly an oxymoron.  I am a city girl at heart that adores nature. 

Nashville has the nature part but lacks the city living I have grown so accustomed to.  There isn't a Dunkin Donuts and Citizens Bank every block for me to run into.  In fact, there aren't city blocks at all!  There isn't a strip of 25 malls separated only by car dealerships and restaraunts, a quarter of a mile apart, along route 9.  NO subway.  Everyone drives but the traffic is still nothing compared to what I'd run into in Mass.  Although I miss the conveniences of city living and having all my friends live so close to nightlife (ABOVE L Street Tavern? - "How do you like them apples?"), there's nothing like the backdrop of nature.  Trading Sunday Fundays at Goodwill Hunting's (now famous) L Street Tavern is worth the small town vibe and quick drive to hiking in the woods.

My latest hike had me daydreaming about having a couple get married in the woods.  Although what I picture in mind is unavailable on google images, I've done my best to build a visual....

What is it?  Yes, it looks like a bunch of crap thrown together but I LOVES IT!

A closer look:

For flowers on the ground:

We're actually doing something similar for one of my upcoming weddings:

I absolutely LOVE this.  I'm a huge fan of having a keepsake from your wedding for your first home together.



LS Designs & The Painted Pig Unite

So I do weddings and children's rooms but my latest endeavor was Emma Grace's 3rd birthday party.  Emma Grace is all girl: she loves baby dolls, the color pink, and nice clothes.  I know...her parents have their hands full.  A 3 year old that already knows how to dress?  YES!

The party was pinkalicious.  Below are cupcake containers that the kids could use stickers to decorate:

There were also crowns and wands to make:

Other entertainment included a balloon guy, a pinata, and a castle bounce:

Here is the birthday girl and her Dad:

Go, Emma Grace!

And the kids grabbing for candy:

Corrupt picture:

At the end of the party the following people were on the bouncy bounce: myself, my roommate, Emma Grace's father, Emma Grace's Mom's cousin (age 26), and her boyfriend.....there is no age limit on fun in those things!

The food was pink:

Even the adult drinks were pink:

The guests came in pink:

Each little girl was given a tutu and set of wings (boys were given separate goodies):

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