Nurseries the Piggy Loves

Decorating your baby's nursery is so fun!  If it's your first born, however, practicality may slip your mind when getting caught up in the design aspect.  Below are some of my favorites I found online for both visual and practical reasons.  Enjoy!

Visually it's adorable.  Nice and simple with the 3D paper flowers on the wall adding an extra touch.  The chandelier is precious and the colors go well.  Practicality reasons: babies love mirrors and the crib is easily replaced with a bed for a big girl room. 

Very modern and chic looking but still clearly intended for a baby boy.  That chair was well chosen as it looks nice and comfy for late night feedings and spills: microfiber is a synthetic material that looks like suede and cleans up easy with a wet cloth, soap, and water.

The black and white stripes on these walls will encourage visual development and physical activity in your baby as most infants respond best to high contrast colors through 6 months of age.  The black and white also makes it a uni-sex nursery should you be planning for more than one child.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this one!  It's charcoal gray....who would have thought for a baby's room?  Yet this is sweet as can be for your little girl as the pink makes it pop as well as the "flying butterflies" creating a giant mobile for baby to stare at.  The art work will remain age appropriate throughout all 18 years.

I'm a sucker for creative ceilings.  Your baby will be staring at it several times a day as he wakes up and goes to sleep until he's able to roll himself over.  The rest of the room is very grown up with the black contrast wall (again stimulating baby's eyes) and the dresser is appropriate for a grown man.  This nursery is very grown up and still remains child-like with it's playful use of yellow.

Horizontal stripes will do the same thing for your nursery as they will your figure; create the illusion of it being wider than it really is.  These stripes can be taken advantage of if you're trying to make your nursery appear larger than it is.  The leather chair won't absorb anything and can be quickly cleaned off with the wipe of a burp cloth.

FUN FUN FUN!  Mismatching fabrics by the same designer give this all white nursery a playful vibe.

The changing table in this nursery has a very important component: storage.  Sure, for the first few weeks baby will lay there while you change him but before you know it, you're going to be unable to leave baby on the table to look for an outfit.  Being able to keep one hand on him while you open the drawer and find a new outfit will feel like a lifesaver.  Especially when you get to the point of him needed several clothing changes a day!

This room combines several of my favorite aspects from ceiling design to a more sophisticated feel.  They used several different fabrics to maintain the nautical feel without overdoing one particular pattern.


L.Caroline said...

These are all so fun! I love the second one... I thought it was my favorite until I continued to scroll down! Great ideas.

Cait said...

Wow I love ALL of the ideas!! Those are so inspirational! :)