Winter Wedding Cakes

So I am despising Winter already....the naive northerner in me believed it would be blue skies, sunshine, and spring-like temperatures up until January and even then, TN would only bless me with one solid snowstorm, an entire day and night of sledding and speedily melt away for Summer temperatures by mid-February.  Oh, and an elf would have shoveled my walkway and car for me as well as gather firewood and keep the fireplace going all night.

Anyway....today I have eaten three homemade chocolate chip cookies (thank you, Amy), two homemade sugar cookies (thank you, Amberly) and one something-ridiculously-delicious pastry fruit thing (thank you, Bre) so I've decided to collect images of beautiful winter wedding cakes.  The gallery is below:

I love the pine cones on these first three:

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john said...

Wow, amazing work. I love that even the design aspects of the cakes are three-dimensional, with bits and pieces curling up off the Wedding Cakes.