Purple Nursery for Twin Pups

I got another nursery project!  I love designing children's rooms and am excited about the color purple, the fun nature of my expecting couple, and the freedom they are giving me in creating the perfect room for their new baby girlZ!  That's right....twins!

We're starting with a very pale purple base.  I'm painting thick stripes on all four walls.  Color will always appear more vibrant once it's on the wall.  We've chosen Benjamin Moore's Grape Ice:

I'm still creating an accent wall with decals from etsy seller byrdiegraphics in soft blue which is a pale aqua color.

 They already have the furniture for the room which includes two contemporary white cribs (you don't realize how big a crib is until you have two of them!), an oh-so-comfy white large armed chair and ottoman, a white changing table, and a white dresser.  The room is a bit cramped for space but they have a large closet so storage for clothing and extra wipes, diapers, etc. won't be an issue.  I am currently sending them accent tables.  Some of my favorites:

We would do either of these in blue or that pink to highlight the wall decals and brighten up the ambiance.

Pottery Barn's Bubble-Up table above and "Cute End Table" below

Maine Cottage's "Fiddlehead End Table" in teaberry (pale pink) or one of their lighter blues

 I am using ANOTHER owl mobile from etsy!  I should be some kind of etsy dealer.  This one is from fongstudio and we're going to hang it from a teal ribbon:

I just emailed etsy seller ManicMuffin Totes about a custom teal and pink owl pillow for their comfy white chair:

They have also purchased this purple and white rug from Linens 'N Things, returning their striped rug, once they decided I could paint the walls:

We still have much to do but we're off to a great start!  Once they select a table, I'm working on curtains and bedding.

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