Broom Parking Only!!! All Others will be TOAD!

For this year's Halloween Decor I went with a Witch theme.  I put labels on various jars and used spanish moss to lay around the jars.  The witch ingredients I used were dragon's breath, eye of newt, mermaid hair, potion #31, butterfly kisses, and a few others.  I used sparkly ingredients for inside the jars but tried to make the jars look woodsy.  Like a little old witch put them together!!!  The ornaments hanging from the paper lantern also glitter.  There are two bats and one poiple spider.  

I love this angle of the skeleton hands in the pot!

The fuzzy spiders were creepin' and crawlin everywhere!  This vintage looking witch family photo went with the theme AND the room perfectly.  The room is decorated with black & white family pics.  I cut out witch hats from black paper and put them on some of the real family photos on the walls.

Candy corn, lollipops, and chocolate cupcakes were the treats.

Each seat had their own mini witch's crock filled with the candy corn.

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