Bedroom Ideas

So I've finally begun decorating.  I'm a firm believer that one should live in a space before spending money on pieces that may not end up working out.  Waiting gives you time to get a feeling for the rooms and what you'll need for functional purposes and I think emptiness inspires creativity.  Although I have the eye of a decorator, I have the heart of a woman who despises clutter and yearns for function.  If a basket is not serving a purpose, it's just collecting dust!  The colors I've chosen are pastel teals, white, browns, and black.

 I love how clean this room feels.  It makes me want to meditate (if you've met me, clearly I'm in need of some)  I have the white shag carpets but my walls are a light nutmeg so I went with light blue curtains:


I adore these little pet beds.  These are also similar to the cat bed post I wrote earlier...and if I thought it would keep my little gremlins from sleeping with me, I would do it, but even as I lay on the floor with my laptop in front of me, I've got a chubby little calico sleeping on my arm.  It wouldn't matter how comfortable the other options are, if they can sleep with me, they will.


My biggest decision seems to be my bed.  I can't decide between a canopy bed with curtains or an upholstered headboard.  The bedroom is just so big with high ceilings that a canopy seems perfect.


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