Zia's Art, Antiques, and Flowers by an Italian Aunty

Near the Green Hills Mall sits a welcoming store front, Zia's.  Zia is Italian for "aunt" and it fits not only the store but the adorable owner and florist, Karen Rippy, who decorates and maintains her shop.

My love of teals and browns can most likely be equated to the chocolate brown dutch colonial I grew up in on a quiet, tree lined street in New England.  My mother painted the door turquoise and it's an unusual thing to see but evokes an indescribable feeling in me.  Nothing has ever felt quite like home since 13 Church Street and this store front is a sweet reminder of those simpler days.   Inside the turquoise door is an array of home decor; mirrors, rugs, signs, and homey knick knacks.  I love everything about this shabby chic mantle.

I would love to hang this wreathe on the side of a backyard shed, front door, or gate.


As you walk through the store and come to the back you see a florist's shop, making this little stop even better!

Zia's has been featured in Nashville Lifestyles Weddings Magazines and as a newbie in the Nashville Wedding scene, owner, Karen Rippy, has been welcoming, sweet, and generous.  She is truly the meaning of a Zia.  

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