Loft Sweet Home

I found a place in East Nashville 3 miles (7 minutes driving) from downtown!  It's absolutely gorgeous and I'll be sharing it with three very cool girls. 

My place in Quincy, MA was cute and I had a lot of pieces to start with that I had bought through the years.  The result was (an obvious first attempt) at shabby glam (a design term I invented meaning shabby chic combined with vintage glam).  Although I am sad to lose my antique white iron bed and hot pink crushed velvet french couch with white trim, I have a blank canvas that is a LOFT in an ANTIQUE HOME.  I can barely contain my excitement!!!!  It's the best of both worlds.

This is once you're inside facing the front door:

The living room with our 24/7 security guard, Maximus.  To the left of the fireplace is the entry to the kitchen:

To the left of the doorway in the kitchen there are double doors leading to a big backyard and a stairway to the right takes you up to my very large and unfurnished bedroom(s):

The paint has been changed to a light tan. Two big windows fill the space with light and the area where the bed is has what feels like 20 ft. ceilings. My favorite part is the black painted brick fireplace that runs from floor to ceiling.

The door in the background to the left (behind the bed) leads to two closets and another room with built in shelving.  I will probably make that into an office/studio space once I start to buy furniture but for now I'm just going to live the dream that all women dream of and that is a gigantic walk-in closet.  This closet is the size that my living room was in Boston but I don't have any pics.  Again, once I get a camera I'll post them.

My own bathroom.  The walls are now painted a clean pale aqua:

None of the furniture in these pics is mine so I will be decorating it myself and I have tried looking at the more modern, cool, pieces but I think it will probably end up similar to my old home.  A lot of white with splashes of bold patterns and bright colors.  I will try to make it a bit more contemporary considering the space it's in.  I am really going to enjoy turning this space into Home Sweet Home. 

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