CandyLand Party Please with a Cherry on Top!

This entire idea was provoked by a trip to the dollar store. They had giant rainbow swirly pops for...you guessed it! One dollar.  From this scrum-dilly-umpcious-ness came the rest of the party.


I’m not saying to paint your steps Skittles, unless you're that dedicated, but a path of alternating construction paper leading to the front door is a sure way to get all the kiddies in the mood! (As if they need help for a party based on a land made entirely of candy.) The grass beside the path can be staked with candy cane lights and scattered potted lollipop plants.

My candyland idea is so unoriginal that there are a number of cakes I found online.  Some of my favorites:

The inside can have an array of balloons accompanied by paper lanterns wrapped in clear cellophane to resemble this candy (yet much more fun):

The party wouldn’t be complete without a candy buffet:

But the one candy that would have to be included is candy buttons.

Those circles of pure sugar and food dye on a roll of white paper are so frustratingly delicious. I used to end up ripping the paper (and eating it) with my urgency to get the dots in my mouth. Gumdrops would also have to be part of the buffet as well as provided in the gingerbread man decorating area.

A fun thing to do would be to have the kids decorate their own gingerbread men. They will love eating all the candy and frosting while they construct their next sugar high:

Although it’s easy enough to buy the themed plates/napkins for a party like this:

I prefer the mix and match and it would be simple enough to do. Just buying several different colors and sizes of plates and napkins and layering them on the table would suffice. The kids could take their candy and gingerbread men home in colored paper bags from cakeshop.com:

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