Bridesmaid's Gifts

Whenever I wrap a gift, the wrapping is PART of the gift.  Half of the fun of receiving a gift is looking at it in anticipation.  Much like an invitation sets the tone to a wedding or party, the way a gift is wrapped will excite the person receiving the gift.  I just wrapped Calisha's bridesmaids' gifts and I stuck to her wedding colors (replaced ivory with white and added silver) but that's okay because these are going to be given at the engagement party or rehearsal dinner so they are supposed to be FUN!  The vintage glam can wait until their wedding day.

When I first decided on the tiny bags inside the larger ones, I had planned on cutting off the handles but I forgot and the picture QUICKLY reminded me of how bad the second set of handles looked.

I cut the handles off the smaller bags:
They look much better.  I would love to tell you what's inside but it's a suPRISE!!!  The only thing that's missing is the hairpiece Calisha bought for her bridesmaids that I'll use as a part of the actual gift wrap:

from etsy seller TheHeadbandShoppe
 The clips above will be placed on the handle where the ribbons are curled and hanging down:

And in case you were wondering about the bridesmaids hair, we've chosen one side up with the clip and their hair tousled down.  I love that Calisha loved my favorite clip and also liked the hairstyle.  

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