Bridesmaid's Gifts

Whenever I wrap a gift, the wrapping is PART of the gift.  Half of the fun of receiving a gift is looking at it in anticipation.  Much like an invitation sets the tone to a wedding or party, the way a gift is wrapped will excite the person receiving the gift.  I just wrapped Calisha's bridesmaids' gifts and I stuck to her wedding colors (replaced ivory with white and added silver) but that's okay because these are going to be given at the engagement party or rehearsal dinner so they are supposed to be FUN!  The vintage glam can wait until their wedding day.

When I first decided on the tiny bags inside the larger ones, I had planned on cutting off the handles but I forgot and the picture QUICKLY reminded me of how bad the second set of handles looked.

I cut the handles off the smaller bags:
They look much better.  I would love to tell you what's inside but it's a suPRISE!!!  The only thing that's missing is the hairpiece Calisha bought for her bridesmaids that I'll use as a part of the actual gift wrap:

from etsy seller TheHeadbandShoppe
 The clips above will be placed on the handle where the ribbons are curled and hanging down:

And in case you were wondering about the bridesmaids hair, we've chosen one side up with the clip and their hair tousled down.  I love that Calisha loved my favorite clip and also liked the hairstyle.  

My Own Inspiration Board

I just put together my own inspiration board:

I have everything pictured above with the exception of the Orleans tufted headboard, blue chandelier, and Amy Butler comforter.  I think the headboard or chandelier (because I can most likely paint a cheap one) will be my next purchase....loooooooove it!

Amy Butler Adorableness

Amy Butler is my favorite fabric designer.  Sometimes it's like she stole her designs and color choices from my own imagination which is both inspiring and frustrating.  I have wanted to design my own fabric and wallpaper line but find myself getting in my own way because I don't know how to have it manufactured once I have a line designed.  Here is some of her beautiful work:

It wasn't until last night I discovered we can all wallpaper our walls with her art.  I've said it before and I'll say it again....wallpaper is about to make a major comeback and I can't wait! 


Aqua and White Inspiration Board

Crystal and Ryan have set the date, found a location, and chosen aqua and white as their wedding colors.  I just put together an inspiration board based on their colors and venue.

Crystal and Ryan, July 9, 2011

I love this shot of Crystal's beautiful ring:


Ivory, Black, and Fuschia Inspiration Board

A+ Engagement Party at ALOFT Hotel

Stunning architecture + modern, chic, interior design = aloft hotel in Franklin, TN.

I'm looking forward to my couple's engagement party. 


Calisha & Ivan - Sunday, September 5, 2010

Calisha and Ivan are a dream couple for any Wedding Planner and I honestly feel blessed to be their consultant.  They are thankful, easy to work with, and up front about their expectations.  They also both have an eye for good design.  I'm excited for their wedding!

photos taken by Michael Doerman, independant photographer


Baby Zev in Boston

I received pictures of a nursery I did in Boston.  First time parents Deborah and Nick welcomed their baby boy, Zev, into a woodlands creature haven.  Here is a pic of the most searched for item with one of their wall decals....the owl mobile:

And here is their recommendation:

Liz was instrumental in helping my husband and I create a beautiful nursery for our infant son. We hardly knew where to begin, but Liz was quickly able to help us figure out a concept for the room (a tree theme, which we absolutely love), and she picked out a beautiful array of wall decorations, rugs, mobiles, shelves, and accessories to decorate the space. Throughout the entire process, Liz was patient and incredibly responsive to our needs. Liz is a talented, enthusiastic, and committed designer with an extremely creative vision. She helped us to transform a simple room into a haven where our baby boy loves to sleep, cuddle, and play. We've gotten so many positive comments on the nursery from friends and family, and we are very satisfied with Liz's design. We would highly recommend Liz Spinazola to anyone who is looking for a thoughtful and creative designer to transform a space.

Thanks again,



Cah-RAZY about Halloween

Okay, people, it's August!  Time to start thinking about Halloween.  I LOVE Halloween; I absolutely adore it.  It's the only time I believe an abundance of orange to be acceptable.  I'm 30 and will change my costume idea 100 times because I start thinking so far in advance that I become bored with what I've come up with by the time the first party rolls around. 

One of my favorite magazines that is no longer in publication is/was Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion.  I fell in love with the polka dot pumpkins when I held this cover in my hands for the first time.  I've since seen them everywhere:

The girls I'm moving in with like to throw a party for Halloween and it will probably still be warm here in Nashville!  2009's Halloween in the Bean was unusually warm so I'd be grateful for a similar temperature. 

I love this idea for candles (minus the daisies - those flowers aren't my thing) and I can paint and bedazzle that chandelier myself:

I am definitely painting pumpkins and stacking:

This crow is such a creep, he's got to be at our party:

I'm trying to stay off etsy as I feel like this blog is more of an advertisement for the site but I can't!  It's Halloween!  Buckle your seat, I'm about to find some crazy shizzle for this bliggle.

There are several sellers who offer witch, warlock, and pirate labels for your own bottles:

midnitemuse on etsy.com
This is SOAP below.  AMAZING!

available from ajsweetsoap on etsy.com

You'll need it after you've been been handling the goblin toenails, toad eggs, and belly buttons:

kennedyscrafts on etsy.com

And alas, no party would be complete without my latest obsession: party poms.  I would buy black and possibly lime green or orange (depending on how the theme is working out) and glitter them up before hanging them from the ceiling. 

houndstooth pom available from PomLove on etsty.com

I'm thinking I'll spray paint some sticks black and put cobwebs all over them with spiders as well.  More to come!  I'm just getting started.


Loft Sweet Home

I found a place in East Nashville 3 miles (7 minutes driving) from downtown!  It's absolutely gorgeous and I'll be sharing it with three very cool girls. 

My place in Quincy, MA was cute and I had a lot of pieces to start with that I had bought through the years.  The result was (an obvious first attempt) at shabby glam (a design term I invented meaning shabby chic combined with vintage glam).  Although I am sad to lose my antique white iron bed and hot pink crushed velvet french couch with white trim, I have a blank canvas that is a LOFT in an ANTIQUE HOME.  I can barely contain my excitement!!!!  It's the best of both worlds.

This is once you're inside facing the front door:

The living room with our 24/7 security guard, Maximus.  To the left of the fireplace is the entry to the kitchen:

To the left of the doorway in the kitchen there are double doors leading to a big backyard and a stairway to the right takes you up to my very large and unfurnished bedroom(s):

The paint has been changed to a light tan. Two big windows fill the space with light and the area where the bed is has what feels like 20 ft. ceilings. My favorite part is the black painted brick fireplace that runs from floor to ceiling.

The door in the background to the left (behind the bed) leads to two closets and another room with built in shelving.  I will probably make that into an office/studio space once I start to buy furniture but for now I'm just going to live the dream that all women dream of and that is a gigantic walk-in closet.  This closet is the size that my living room was in Boston but I don't have any pics.  Again, once I get a camera I'll post them.

My own bathroom.  The walls are now painted a clean pale aqua:

None of the furniture in these pics is mine so I will be decorating it myself and I have tried looking at the more modern, cool, pieces but I think it will probably end up similar to my old home.  A lot of white with splashes of bold patterns and bright colors.  I will try to make it a bit more contemporary considering the space it's in.  I am really going to enjoy turning this space into Home Sweet Home. 


CandyLand Party Please with a Cherry on Top!

This entire idea was provoked by a trip to the dollar store. They had giant rainbow swirly pops for...you guessed it! One dollar.  From this scrum-dilly-umpcious-ness came the rest of the party.


I’m not saying to paint your steps Skittles, unless you're that dedicated, but a path of alternating construction paper leading to the front door is a sure way to get all the kiddies in the mood! (As if they need help for a party based on a land made entirely of candy.) The grass beside the path can be staked with candy cane lights and scattered potted lollipop plants.

My candyland idea is so unoriginal that there are a number of cakes I found online.  Some of my favorites:

The inside can have an array of balloons accompanied by paper lanterns wrapped in clear cellophane to resemble this candy (yet much more fun):

The party wouldn’t be complete without a candy buffet:

But the one candy that would have to be included is candy buttons.

Those circles of pure sugar and food dye on a roll of white paper are so frustratingly delicious. I used to end up ripping the paper (and eating it) with my urgency to get the dots in my mouth. Gumdrops would also have to be part of the buffet as well as provided in the gingerbread man decorating area.

A fun thing to do would be to have the kids decorate their own gingerbread men. They will love eating all the candy and frosting while they construct their next sugar high:

Although it’s easy enough to buy the themed plates/napkins for a party like this:

I prefer the mix and match and it would be simple enough to do. Just buying several different colors and sizes of plates and napkins and layering them on the table would suffice. The kids could take their candy and gingerbread men home in colored paper bags from cakeshop.com:


Shoe Boutique

If I were an Interior Decorator with a shoe boutique as a client, this sign would be THEE piece. 

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