Rustic Barn Wedding

I’m planning a rustic wedding in a barn….I string the ceiling with white lights and hang some chandeliers that I’ve collected. They shouldn’t match. The colors for this wedding are……nature.

Since I’ve used the chandeliers in the reception barn to glam it up, one might want to add some bling to her bouquet.

I found this beautiful bouquet of white, greens, and browns online. It incorporates butterflies and feathers which give it that romantic, rustic feel. Both can be purchased at a craft store.


I’ve been on a bird kick: My first post was about using bird cages at your wedding and I was on (what felt like) an endless hunt for a bird mobile for a nursery awhile back. Then we have the birds who built their dream nest in a potted plant on the porch….but when on a creative role, and something keeps popping up in your life, go with it.

The cake topper:

from etsy seller Tuckandbonte

This craftsman is my hero! He creates everything from what he finds in the woods of New Hampshire. The following items are from etsy seller NHWoodscreations. A few of these on different tables could be used for flower vases. Moss balls and candles help make it a wider centerpiece.

This piece would be used at the sweetheart table. It's a one-of-a-kind and some candles and additional moss would lengthen it for a wider display.

Our moss balls.

Two of these can hang in the center of each of the open barn doors or three from the top of the doorway heading inside and use wreaths on the doors themselves.

More beauty for centerpieces surrounded with white candles on thick candleholders and moss balls.

These can be hung on the backs of chairs or even the chandeliers.

This is an easy DIY project. They're charming and can be sporadically displayed on the tables so we'll only need a few. Not all the jars need the tree carved initials.

from etsy seller Braggingbags

Poms are the new paper lantern. These should hang from trees outside the barn. The white contrast on the green trees with the hanging mason jars lit up will create a fairy-tale feeling as everyone arrives to the reception.

from etsy seller MySillyBear

The guests park their cars and now what? Which way do they go? These handmade signs direct them while maintaining the feel my couple is going for.

from etsy seller Craftmarttexas

THE CRAIGSLIST GAME! Everything below can be used for the reception and ranges from 30 cents to $100. Keep in mind most weddings are planned in 6-12 months and these are all pieces I found LAST night. Craigslist postings only last for 14 days and my couple has saved a bundle by nixing fresh flowers.

Craigslist Bargains:

This trunk sparked these ideas off the top of my head: 1. Kept closed with white candles of different lengths and sizes on top. 2. Lid open and a cooler placed inside full of ice and drink of couple’s choice. Whatever it’s used for it will be spectacular if used as a prop in photos and a nice piece to decorate the couple’s new home with. I think it's fun to have things at the wedding that can then be incorporated into their everyday life together...a physical reminder of their wedding day.

I love old keys. These could be used at the name card table. Punch a hole in the card and tie a ribbon attaching it to the key. The guest grabs their key and name card and finds their table.

Vintage bikes! Lean these up against a tree or the barn where guests can see. These are a gem for picture props. Who doesn’t want to see a beautiful bride on an antique bicycle?

These doors are $20/piece…I’m thinking photos of the couple on the side of the barn. Beautiful pics!

These can be used as is or spray painted. What are they? They’re $25, old, and cool looking; it’s a rustic wedding. We'll make them work because I walk around the barn and grounds until I find where they fit in.

For $12 these can hold just some of the hundreds of white candles lighting this reception. If the venue doesn’t allow open flames (most don’t) then we’ll use them to elevate some moss balls.

Birdcages! On the table or the ground outside, framing the barn door. When I find something I like, I don't need to know EXACTLY what it will be used for because with a venue like a barn and the walking distance to it, I know I'll use these. Fill these badboys with mossballs and candles please. Are we still playing the craigslist game? WE ARE!

Jars. And the seller has hundreds of them. How perfect! Put candles inside, hang them from trees, use them on tables, line a walkway with them....

For $25 we’re snatching this up. It’s centerpiece material.

This antique baby bathtub is another piece that can be filled with ice and cold beverages. It's also another nice piece for the couple's new home. Perhaps use it to hold towels in a bathroom or as the base of a hall table.

Antique/Junk brown bottles….we’re using them to embellish our centerpieces.

These vintage suitcases look great piled up like they are in the pictures and would be cute in pictures.

I REALLY hit the jackpot with a craigslist ad for used horse shoes at 30 cents a piece. He has 2000 of them! Not only can they be used as the guest’s gift (a horshoe hanging above your door is intended to bring good luck), but they are superlative for a rustic wedding taking place in a barn. I’ll clean them up, tie some ribbon and tiny craft flowers to them and MUAH! I could kiss them! One of the nicest guests’ reception gift I could ever come up with on a budget.

And we'll put two stakes in the ground for a good old game of horseshoe!


laura a. sponaugle said...

I LOVE your ideas!!! Where did you find these awesome doors you posted here!

laura a. sponaugle said...

LOVE all of your ideas! So creative! Where did you find the doors you show here??