Princess and the Pea for your Kitt-tea!

People love their pets and I am a forever animal lover. I will always adopt from animal shelters and love the little guys as much as I can. I currently have two cats and a lop eared bunny. I get endless enjoyment out of watching them perform everyday tasks such as sleeping, eating, and playing with their toys. I love going to sleep every night with the fuzzballs curled up on either side.

Moving to Nashville has me thinking I will be making something like this (because I will no longer have a social life and I don't care too much for tv):

This cat bed is actually a coffee table turned upside down. It has been embellished with some "oops!" paint and knobs from Home Depot. The painted knobs have been drilled into the bottom of the table legs, creating bedposts! A wooden border (that you would use on the floor against the walls) has been measured to fit inbetween two of the legs, constructing a cat-headboard. I just invented another word! Ollie (my bunny) will be getting a much bigger cage and Phoebe and Coal (the cats) will be getting these little ditties. I'm sure that won't stop the three of them from stomping all over me in my sleep but I wouldn't change a thing! I am fortunate in that I have live backup for my alarm.

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