Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

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The above bowls were for sale at Christmas Tree Shop for only a few dollars last spring.
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Peonies! "Mischevous nymphs were said to hide in the petals of peonies." (wikipedia) Peonies and roses come to mind when thinking of a shabby chic wedding.

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I can honestly say this is something I've never seen before buuuuuuut I think I like it! Although I wouldn't use this as a centerpiece, I can see it working beautifully surrounding tall centerpieces. You can never have too many candles at a wedding! Many venues have specific rules about all candles being in glass votives and the wick being lower than the top, etc. A workaround for this would be tea lights in glass votives glued to the bottoms of the various glasses. Don't have the time? That's what bridesmaids are for!

Birdcage Centerpieces:

Photo taken from www.bravobride.com
Why don't more people use these?!?! Unless you have an unexplicable fear of birds (Cambridge girls think Liz D.)....and you are planning a shabby chic wedding reception, these are something to be considered. They are adorable, make great gifts for your guests, and can potentially save you hundreds of dollars when used over the typical floral centerpieces most couples go with. Ideally these would be placed on every other table with the flowers still being the center of half the guests' tables.

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