Amanda Oakleaf kicks the Cake Boss's Bleeeeep

I sometimes catch Cake Boss on TLC and stop there to watch because of the shenanigans that go on. These guys make bets that result in the heavier gentleman having to wear a cupid costume, they pour water and flour on a new employee to shape him up and who can deny loving the New Jersey accents? I am not, however, very impressed with Buddy's cakes. Although he is the creative mastermind behind these sculptures, I sometimes find the execution sloppy. (I sound like the water cooler talk to the day after a game in Boston....critiquing professional athletes as we sat on our couches drinking beers.)

Well, the CRAZIEST thing happened this morning as I walked up the steps from the T into Downtown Crossing. As I looked up and saw the flower shoppe on Washington St., I couldn't believe my eyes! Buddy and Boston's own Cake Boss, Amanda Oakleaf, were duking it out! After a few heavy blows from Buddy (he is on TLC after all) Amanda Oakleaf threw her hands up in victory because she, Ladies & Ladies, (and Rob VanWart) is the next big thing to hit cakes!!! Amanda is an artist.

As a wedding planner I have been to many many bakeries and seen some beautiful cakes and Amanda Oakleaf is a new favorite.

I want to post each and every one of her exceptional cakes on here but she has her own website and blog. Check her out: http://oakleafcakes.com. The true test is the taste though, so Amanda, if you're reading this, FEED ME!

This one defies gravity!

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Amanda said...

Thanks for the cake love! I went out googling and happened to see this post. Do stop by the shop sometime and we'll give you the grand tour.

All the best,