Alice in Wonderland 30th Birthday Party

Let's pretend money is no object: I am having an Alice in Wonderland themed 30th birthday party. There's a guy in Providence I can rent....he mysteriously can be both Michael Jackson and Jack Sparrow so why not ask him for the Hatter? WARNING: My next sentence is random; Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat looks just like my Phoeeeebeeee!!!!

The Disney version is one of my favorite movies to watch if I'm sick. Why, yes, I do complete my Mother's remedy with ginger ale and saltines. My own home is filled with bright colors that accent black and white damask and stripes and the rose crushed velvet loveseat with white trim look perfect for a Very Merry Un-Birthday Party.

Cambridge's, Upstairs in the Square, is already Wonderland-esque so it's the perfect venue. The gold chairs and red cushions are just the seating my guests would expect after receiving the invitations:

Currently being sold by simplecreations on etsy.com:

Upstairs in the Square:

Bringing in the Singing Garden, minus the attitudes, these flower lanterns can be purchased on zappobz.com:

I would alternate tables with a purple velvet and harlequin linen. The gold chairs with red cushions....well, it simply IS Alice in Wonderland:

These are the most amazing things I've seen (all day). I would accomplish this with a glue gun, moss, plastic flamingoes/flamingos?, and pink spray paint (spraying half the moss before I heat up the gun):www.flamingogals.com

Table centerpieces would be a mesh of topiaries, flowers, candles, stacked teacups, and playing cards...Queens, Kings, etc sticking out of the flowers.

"I'll drink to that!"

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marilyn scott said...

Wow,,,, what a wonderful birthday party! I love that 30th birthday ideas, I might use that for my friend's 25th suprise birthday party... Thanks for sharing!