Alice in Wonderland 30th Birthday Party

Let's pretend money is no object: I am having an Alice in Wonderland themed 30th birthday party. There's a guy in Providence I can rent....he mysteriously can be both Michael Jackson and Jack Sparrow so why not ask him for the Hatter? WARNING: My next sentence is random; Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat looks just like my Phoeeeebeeee!!!!

The Disney version is one of my favorite movies to watch if I'm sick. Why, yes, I do complete my Mother's remedy with ginger ale and saltines. My own home is filled with bright colors that accent black and white damask and stripes and the rose crushed velvet loveseat with white trim look perfect for a Very Merry Un-Birthday Party.

Cambridge's, Upstairs in the Square, is already Wonderland-esque so it's the perfect venue. The gold chairs and red cushions are just the seating my guests would expect after receiving the invitations:

Currently being sold by simplecreations on etsy.com:

Upstairs in the Square:

Bringing in the Singing Garden, minus the attitudes, these flower lanterns can be purchased on zappobz.com:

I would alternate tables with a purple velvet and harlequin linen. The gold chairs with red cushions....well, it simply IS Alice in Wonderland:

These are the most amazing things I've seen (all day). I would accomplish this with a glue gun, moss, plastic flamingoes/flamingos?, and pink spray paint (spraying half the moss before I heat up the gun):www.flamingogals.com

Table centerpieces would be a mesh of topiaries, flowers, candles, stacked teacups, and playing cards...Queens, Kings, etc sticking out of the flowers.

"I'll drink to that!"


Amanda Oakleaf kicks the Cake Boss's Bleeeeep

I sometimes catch Cake Boss on TLC and stop there to watch because of the shenanigans that go on. These guys make bets that result in the heavier gentleman having to wear a cupid costume, they pour water and flour on a new employee to shape him up and who can deny loving the New Jersey accents? I am not, however, very impressed with Buddy's cakes. Although he is the creative mastermind behind these sculptures, I sometimes find the execution sloppy. (I sound like the water cooler talk to the day after a game in Boston....critiquing professional athletes as we sat on our couches drinking beers.)

Well, the CRAZIEST thing happened this morning as I walked up the steps from the T into Downtown Crossing. As I looked up and saw the flower shoppe on Washington St., I couldn't believe my eyes! Buddy and Boston's own Cake Boss, Amanda Oakleaf, were duking it out! After a few heavy blows from Buddy (he is on TLC after all) Amanda Oakleaf threw her hands up in victory because she, Ladies & Ladies, (and Rob VanWart) is the next big thing to hit cakes!!! Amanda is an artist.

As a wedding planner I have been to many many bakeries and seen some beautiful cakes and Amanda Oakleaf is a new favorite.

I want to post each and every one of her exceptional cakes on here but she has her own website and blog. Check her out: http://oakleafcakes.com. The true test is the taste though, so Amanda, if you're reading this, FEED ME!

This one defies gravity!


Bird Mobiles for your forest themed nursery - this post is visually a disaster - will clean it up one day!

If you haven't fallen in love with www.etsy.com...you are probably not a woman but if you are and have never heard of it, BEWARE. Clicking that site will probably be the beginning of a new addiction. It has all things cute, homemade, and more importantly unique. I love the accessories in a home that make it memorable. This colorful homemade mobile can be purchased from E
Life's a hoot with PinkPerch who sells a fancier version for $88.
She also has several others which incorporate different style birds, an ocean theme she calls, "Surf's up," and what can only be a Bambi inspired Woodland creatures.
I don't have any children of my own but my favorite rooms to decorate are children's rooms and nurseries. I came across these mobiles while working on a nursery for a couple in Arlington.
Lorinichols does a Tim Burton twist on these owl mobiles with her bug eyed, customized pieces and giftsdefine on etsy has a deco take on our beloved Bambi mobile (as I have now officially nicknamed it).

giftsdefine also brings us these owls with polka dot clouds. I am a giant fan of polka dots in a child's room.

And last but NOT least because I almost want to by this mother rucker myself....these sock owls are the plumpest, softest, sweetest, little bubbies I ever did see! Snickercreations on etsy has just been added to my favorites. They remind me of my Phoeeeeeeeeebe!

velynX for $60 on etsy.


Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

photo taken from www.elizabethannedesigns.com
The above bowls were for sale at Christmas Tree Shop for only a few dollars last spring.
Photo taken from www.twelve22.org

Peonies! "Mischevous nymphs were said to hide in the petals of peonies." (wikipedia) Peonies and roses come to mind when thinking of a shabby chic wedding.

Photo taken from www.bridalinquirer.com

I can honestly say this is something I've never seen before buuuuuuut I think I like it! Although I wouldn't use this as a centerpiece, I can see it working beautifully surrounding tall centerpieces. You can never have too many candles at a wedding! Many venues have specific rules about all candles being in glass votives and the wick being lower than the top, etc. A workaround for this would be tea lights in glass votives glued to the bottoms of the various glasses. Don't have the time? That's what bridesmaids are for!

Birdcage Centerpieces:

Photo taken from www.bravobride.com
Why don't more people use these?!?! Unless you have an unexplicable fear of birds (Cambridge girls think Liz D.)....and you are planning a shabby chic wedding reception, these are something to be considered. They are adorable, make great gifts for your guests, and can potentially save you hundreds of dollars when used over the typical floral centerpieces most couples go with. Ideally these would be placed on every other table with the flowers still being the center of half the guests' tables.

Photo taken from 3.bp.blogspot.com Photo taken from brownturtlenecksweater.typepad.com

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