Naked & Delicious

People are always asking me what the newest trends in weddings are.  While I am still hoping for the dessert buffet and mix & match bridesmaid dresses to become mainstream, naked weddings cakes have jumped to first place.  I don't know how or why but it's kind of genius.  They're pretty to look at and most people don't eat the frosting anyway!
More rustic:
more refined:


{Ecologica} eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture

It's been FORever since I've posted.  Busy with weddings, trying to rebrand, and have decided to focus on green, eco-friendly wedding & home design.  I have to do something I am passionate about which means it must line up with my values.
With that said, check out this phenomenal furniture company I found!!!  ecologica is an eco-friendly furniture company that uses beautiful, reclaimed wood to add an artistic flair to home d├ęcor.
Media Console:

Bed Side Tables or Sofa End Tables:



Custom Built Wedding Wall

Once in awhile I hop onto craigslist to check out what unique wedding items I can find.  Today, I found this gem:

How AWESOME is this????

So I wonder how hard it can really be to build and start playing with door ideas.  I hopped onto vintagedoors.com and the options are almost overwhelming.  A few of my favorites:



Organza Wedding Dress

This beautiful dress is from wonderxue on etsy.com.


Francesca Miranda's Veranique in BLACK & white

I adore this dress and it is available in white but the black with the white flowers really, really stood out to me.  For the right bride, this dress is absolutely, phenomenally, uniquely perfect!
To view more of her gorgeous designs please visit www.francescamiranda.com


Good Bridesmaid gifts make pretty pictures!

Pretty bridesmaid gifts (varied kimonos) that make pretty pictures!  The selfish yet still an AWESOME gift.  Available on etsy.


{Green} Wedding Favors

I am an animal-loving, tree hugging, wedding planner.  Weddings create a lot of "waste" and should I ever be lucky enough to have my own wedding, I will keep the environment in mind and use it as a an opportunity to remind/educate my friends & family. 
When it comes to wedding favors, I typically prefer the donation route telling guests about the charity that received.  Torch Illumination on etsy has created a soy candle where 10% of proceeds go towards environmental conservation and they look good doing it!

To order your custom, eco-friendly wedding favors please visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/Torchillumination?ref=seller_info
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